Mark and Tara Bentley

Mark & Tara Bentley entered the homeschooling world in 2001 when they decided to pull their oldest daughter from the public school system. Today, both of their daughters have since graduated high school. Mark and Tara have served on the board for their state’s homeschool organization, Indiana Association of Home Educators, since 2013, where Tara also serves as the Executive Director.

Bob and Susan Jacobsen

Bob and Susan, of Massachusetts, homeschooled their children from day one through high school. Since 2001, they have served on the board of the Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators (MassHOPE). Bob currently serves on the Alliance board as treasurer and also chairs the Special Projects committee. Susan serves as the leader for the Communications committee of the Alliance.

Dan and June Mather

Dan and June live in Hawaii and homeschooled their four children all the way through high school. Dan is president of Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii (CHOH) and June serves as secretary. Dan also serves as secretary of the Alliance and chairman of the Virtual Office; June is secretary verus.

Roger and Jan Smith

After homeschooling for 20+ years, graduating all four of their children, the Smiths began serving on the board of Homeschool Louisiana in 2010. They served in NCFCA leadership for several years before joining the Homeschool Louisiana board. Roger practices medicine in a rural community, and has authored Parenting with Influence. Jan manages their farm and business endeavors. Together they mentor and speak on family issues.

David and Linda Watkins

David and Linda began home educating in 1986 and served in various capacities on the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) board for 18 years. David currently serves as the chairman for the Alliance. Linda serves on the Communications team. They have eight children and 30+ grandchildren (all homeschooled).