The National Alliance for Christian Home Education Leadership (the Alliance) was founded in 2002 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to the support of statewide Christian home education organizations. It grew out of the yearly leaders conference sponsored by the Teaching Home Magazine begun in 1988.

The Alliance represents more than 45 affiliate organizations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. These state organizations in turn serve more than 250,000 homeschooling families.

The Alliance provides vital resources for the successful accomplishment of a state organization's mission. Leaders of Alliance-affiliated organizations are offered diverse opportunities for information, networking, and training. These are provided through Facebook discussion groups, an articles library, speaker's bureau, and a dynamic annual conference. Other services available to affiliated organizations include the Alliance Recordings services for state conventions. is the public outreach site of the Alliance. It connects families to their state organization and provides important information and encouragement for their homeschooling journey.

State organizations, as well as other nonprofit organizations with a national scope, remain essential in today's changing homeschool environment. In the early days of the modern homeschool movement, their tireless efforts in state legislatures were essential in the battle to make homeschooling legal. Today they continue their relentless advocacy for parent-directed, privately-funded home education. Christian state homeschool organizations protect, inform, and support homeschooling families. Support for the Alliance directly helps Christian state organizations to remain strong and vibrant, and is an investment in the families that are producing the future leaders of our country. There is no more strategic group with such a far-reaching impact on home education.

In 2019 the Alliance established the Homeschool Community Foundation (HCF) in order to strengthen its support of the homeschool movement through non-profit organizations that effectively promote our vision. Our goal is to raise an endowment to generate grants to homeschooling nonprofits nationwide that increase the cultural impact of homeschooling.